An awesome weather app!

Atmosphere Weather’s unique difference is that it shows the weather forecast around a 24 hour clock. Apart from time the forecast is meaningless, so why not show them together? As we all understand clocks, it provides an easy way to read the weather forecast. Atmosphere Weather shows the forecast color of the sky instead of using icons to describe sunny, partly cloudy, partly sunny, and sunny! Grey for overcast and blue for clear skies makes for a much easier read of cloud cover. For the most part weather apps get there source data from only a handful of sources, so the significant difference in weather apps is the presentation. That’s where Atmosphere Weather excels – it’s all about the presentation!


Concept Elements LLC


03 May 2021


Mobile App Development UI/UX Development




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Client Review

I was very pleased with Aqeel's work. He understood the project, asked the right questions and produced working organized code. He communicated clearly and was up front about the progress. After using so many dishonest developers I was relieved to find Aqeel to be honest. And that is a trait that I pay attention to.

Paxton Calvanesse
Concept Elements LLC