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Arabic learning for kids

Abjadiyat teaches Arabic language skills and information to children aged 3 to 8. The software uses a scaffolded method to guarantee that learners of all abilities may confidently study and practise Arabic at home and school. Abjadiyat is created by a world-class team of teachers, designers, technologists, gamers, and translators to guarantee that the material is aligned with the Ministry of Education's numerous curriculum.



Launched in 2022:




1. Home Page

The home screen offers users with a variety of games and exercises, all upholding different lessons to teach Arabic.

2. Easy Interface

The heart of this operation is to engage children. The games offer an easy-to-view and use interface with giant options to enhance usability.

3. Progress Tracking

Learners can easily track their progress reports as they traverse through different gaming levels.

4. Tap and Play

Players get to play exciting games while learning Arabic such as multiplayer games, math, and physics problems.

Technology Stack

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