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Access Agriculture

Using technology to help farmers worldwide

Access Agriculture is a mobile application developed in partnership with a non-profit organization for showcasing agricultural training videos to global farmers in their local languages. This user-friendly mobile application helps farmers transition to organic and agroecology practices across the Southern region of the world. Users can simply share videos with their friends and community along with receiving the latest tutorial updates.



Launched in 2021:




1. Splash Screen

A perfect definition of pixel-perfect, access agriculture’s splash screen sets the perfect scene for the users, inviting them to shift from cold and sterilized application frontends.

2. User Profile

With a sleek registration process, users will be able to view a dashboard landing page with different metrics and navigate between different functionalities such as searching, sharing, and uploading videos.

3. Send Videos

The application is designed for easier video distribution with an integrated Bluetooth sharing option that allows farmers in different countries to share videos that can be played on even basic phones.

4. Search Videos

The application feature 14 different categories of videos that users can find and download, both audio and video files. The search function allows users to search training videos by topic, keywords, and language.

5. Learn Farming

Access Agriculture allows users to learn about farming practices with quality and finely scripted videos available in local languages for easy comprehension.

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