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Atmosphere Weather

An awesome weather app!

Weather impacts every aspect of our daily lives, from deciding on what to wear to commuting- it controls our decisions. Our client, fed up with conventional weather applications, wanted to create a solution with flawless presentation, features, and weather details for the end-users. Conovo effectively developed Atmosphere Weather, convenient and easy-to-use weather forecasting mobile application developed natively for both Android and iOS.


Concept Elements LLC

Launched in 2021:




1. Splash Screen

A user’s experience begins at the moment they open an application. Atmosphere Weather welcomes its users with a splash screen design that helps to create a strong, meaningful, and aesthetic appeal to the system.

2. Home Screen

Users can view 24-hour weather forecasts on an animated radar that enables easier weather interpretation and route planning. The radar also uses distinct coloration to pinpoint sky colors instead of conventional icons.

3. All Settings

This panel is well-organized, predictable, and provides a manageable number of options. The panel includes General settings, Tutorials, and Extras the help to reduce customer-support costs and boost engagement by allowing users to customize on-demand.

4. Map Weather View

The weather map helps users view summarized information in a geographic frame of reference. This greatly contributes to the route planning process, as users can observe alternating weather patterns in real-time.

5. Quick Settings

This is the handiest feature of the application in the form of quick settings, a floating UI, allowing users to set custom colors for different events. Users can also increase their weather radar range through a slider and choose temperature readings.

6. Activity Threshold

The application presents an activity threshold control directly under the NavBar, where the users can hardly overlook it. This feature offers a convenient way to set custom filters and threshold values for different variables such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc.

7. Search Feature

The clickable contextual search icon allows users to search for a city by entering a name, invoking the system to return a list of city-related weather instances. The system displays results dynamically with every keystroke to save time.

8. Weather Icon List

Every type of weather condition has a designated icon to improve user readability and overall application aesthetics. The list assists users in becoming acquainted with these icons in order to have a more enjoyable experience.

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What our clients say?

I was very pleased with Aqeel's work. He understood the project, asked the right questions and produced working organized code. He communicated clearly and was up front about the progress. After using so many dishonest developers I was relieved to find Aqeel to be honest. And that is a trait that I pay attention to.
Paxton Calvanesse

Concept Elements LLC

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