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Audio & Communication systems for Motorcycles

Autocom is a market leader which designs and manufactures audio and communication systems for motorcycles. Conovo partnered with the company to transform its dated and non-user-friendly website into an intuitive and fresh E-commerce platform. Together, our developers decided to create a custom design layout, smart blends for all company products, an online shop, and integrate a safe payment gateway. We also added an online support section detailing complete installation processes for all Autocom products to assist customers.



Launched in 2021:




1. Homepage

This homepage is designed as a reflection of our experience and research on optimized user experiences that enhance conversions. The page features a supporting image resonating with the client’s business and relevant calls-to-action.

2. Featured Products

The homepage also features a dedicated section to display highest rated and top selling company products, luring consumers to explore more.

3. Client Testimonials

Adding testimonials on a website is an all-time classic and yet effective approach towards gaining client trust. We’ve positioned this section on the home page because it gives it more exposure and increases its chances of conversion.

4. Product Description

The product feature section gracefully utilizes the given space along with some whitespace to exhibit the client’s products and their features.

5. Contact Form

The contact form makes it convenient for clients to contact you regarding any queries at the given email and phone numbers.

6. Shopping Cart

Most consumers are indeed familiar with e-commerce shopping trolleys that allow customers to save their orders whenever they browse as well as add more items to their cart.

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