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BlueStreak Math

The only gaming solution that sees the whole mission

BlueStreak Math is a challenging, yet fun-to-play educational game developed to help educators, teachers, and students across the world. The game features an adaptive engine to encourage differentiated learning, research-based quizzes, and supports a multiplayer gaming modes. Parents and educators can customize their children’s learning adventure with bespoke tutorials, notes, lectures, and games.



Launched in 2022:




1. Space-centric game

The space racer game allows learners to learn addition while destroying enemy spaceships as they move through galaxies.

2. Proven System

Our program is driven by rigorous research and live, focused data allowing students to progress at their tailored pace.

3. Progress Tracking

The game offers exportable reports and detailed analytics for bespoke players/students. These reports include real time data analytics, precision, and growth data that can be used for performance improvements.

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