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Canter VR

Virtual reality like never before.

Canter VR is a powerful, secure, and simple VR-based remote access software that lets users control remote computers. The VR experience adds greater accessibility as the software is easy to deploy, responsive, and provides high quality streaming. The engine is designed in Unity with cross-platform support for Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux devices.



Launched in 2022:




1. Home Screen

The home screen welcomes the user to connect to any remote computer, view its entire screen through VR, and control, support, or administer a variety of functions.

2. Server Selection

This extended VNC works using a client/server model infrastructure. Choosing a server helps users bridge the VNC viewer with remote server components and take control from their onwards

3. Control and Settings

The settings panel allows a customizable experience for users as they can control scrolling and mouse sensitivity, screen curvature, and overall screen layout.

4. Direct Connection

This connection involves dynamic features like screen sharing- the system adjusts with network speed, allows file transfer, chatting, and connect on demand.

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