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Curse of the Sunken Temple

Find the Treasure in the Sunken Temple

Curse of the Sunken Temple is a VR Gaming Platform aimed for Escape Room Operators and Arcade Owners. This platform holds a multitude of cooperative levels in a never before seen environment that reacts and adjusts the difficulty based on players progression. In addition, the platform enables the operator to control all levels and the order in which they are added to the game.



Launched in 2017:




1. Splash Screen

Packing an exciting adventure inside, the splash screen provides the users with a little glimpse of what awaits them. Setting the mood for an action-filled interface, it acts as a perfect door to the rest of the features.

2. Meeting in Submarine

Plan with your clan and hold your internal meetings in a digitally advanced submarine space. It provides you with the best opportunity to discuss, strategize and execute your treasure hunt with the players.

3. Presentation

Show off your organizational and planning skills with a detailed presentation feature to pull off a more visually guided hunt.

4. Stone Chamber

Customize your own journey with the mighty stone chamber that provides you with levels of difficulty ranging from easy to medium, and hard. The interface has six exciting levels that promise uninterrupted fun and exploration to the player.

5. Sliding in the Dark

Taking the user for an adventurous ride, the game has multiple enchanting underwater views that are visually pleasing and maximize the thrill of the hidden treasure.

6. Underwater Map

Find your way through the well-curated underwater layout with a detailed and helpful digital vision.

7. Detailed Graphics

You will be entranced by the refined graphics and visual representation of the distributed space created to offer the best experience to the players.

8. Maze & Clues

Decode a puzzling range of symbols to ultimately find your way to the hidden treasure. This creative and nifty maze will activate your analyzing skills with its appealing design and range.

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