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DCMM Warehouse Management

Seamless inventory management with a cutting-edge solution

Realizing the sheer burden of their daily inventory, DCMM relied on Conovo Technologies to design and develop a standalone warehouse management system. We followed suit and surpassed expectations with a robust system that allows DCMM to manage day-to-day operations, including detailed user management, inventory tracking, and warehousing designs. This warehouse management system lowers the possibility of mistakes occurring whenever a product is transported. The technology will also help the firm execute customer orders and track requested items inside the warehouse in real-time.



Launched in 2019:




1. Dashboard

DCMM management can use the dashboard landing page to navigate through various panels such as customers, orders, and payments. The dashboard also displays summarized infographics routed from all over the system.

2. Customer's Records

Our custom-designed WMS allows DCMM management to use a comprehensive customer record management system. Management can simply search for users using provided search fields, including deleting and modifying customer records.

3. Warehouse Record

DCMM management can view, search, and delete records across all registered warehouses in the system.

4. User's List

The WMS also provides a DCMM user’s list, enabling management to add, delete, or modify registered user information in the system.

5. Roles and Permissions

This panel allows DCMM management to control and manage different levels of access provided to users depending on their job responsibilities.

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