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Eagle’s Christian Preschool & Childcare

Pre-School and Childcare

Eagle Christian Preschool selected Conovo Technologies to develop its official website application to improve organizational reach and growth. Since the educational industry has started to embrace technology, we decided to make their experience worthwhile. We used a custom website solution that enhances the company’s online presence, distributes information, and increases business expansion.



Launched in 2021:




1. Home Page

A vibrant and inviting homepage for an equally inviting and prosperous preschool! We really enjoyed creating an uplifting theme for their homepage with a design that’s both user-friendly yet technically advanced. We infused the best visual elements that help the visitors navigate their way around smoothly.

2. About School

Concise information fused with a welcoming range of hues. The ultimate goal of this page was to create a direct form of awareness using the least intimidating layout. The overall data distribution gets the point across and gives enough room to the background to shine on its own as well.

3. Enrollment Countdown

What better way to establish brand authority than a brief yet fact-driven countdown! We designed this page to not just communicate but also persuade the audiences by combining the rush of a countdown feature with a promising collection of photos listed below.

4. Testimonials

The highlight of a brand’s online presence is best displayed through valuable client reviews. We channeled this philosophy through a spacious and focused section for testimonials. Centering the useful feedback with through an impactful series of blurbs is followed by an accessible swipe feature.

5. School Values

A fundamental presentation of core values that still has elements an approachable educational institution. Exhibiting this theory may have been a demanding task but not for our expert developers. A perfect distribution of colors, authenticity, and effortless dedicated altogether in one page!

6. School Features

A minimalistic layout that values information over gaudy designs. This page was designed to keep the focus where it was intended, on the offered school features accumulated in a visually appealing yet informative manner.

7. Registration Form

A monotone yet intelligent process of registration that helps the users perform the action with an easy to navigate form.

8. Footer

A catchy series of icons followed by the most attention-worthy statements to complete the compelling yet user-friendly interface. We ensured a continuance of the overall theme that keeps its utility to the very bottom

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