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Magnum Tire Shop

Dynamic Balancing for your Tires

Magnum Tire Shop is a mobile application available native on both Android and iOS operated by Magnum+, a reputed tire brand. The company hired our developers to make front-end UI fixes with a series of different updates. We handled all these updates and fixes to improve the applications' performance and synergy with its back-end. This involves enhancing the user experience by integrating responsive technology solutions.


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Launched in 2020:




1. Splash Screen

Splash Screen Magnum+ offers a captivating tone that is eye-catching and gives users a reason to stick around and explore. The original logo, combined with subtle animation, helps eradicate the need for other overbearing design elements.

2. Bead Selection

The bead selection feature allows users to search for optimal balancing beads either by tire size or weight. This core and non-negotiable feature helps us deliver the best digital customer experience to Magnum+ customers and prospects.

3. User Navigation

The user navigation panel is also the skeleton of our application, offering overall content and useful information. The menu allows users to view fragmented pages in a full and orderly fashion while enjoying a seamless flow.

4. User Instructions

Essentially serving as a how-to section, the installation page helps users properly use company products and maximize value. The static manual is highly efficient because it provides valuable customer support with relevant information and quickly solves any problems that people might have.

5. Fleet Tire Selection

One of the core company products, the fleet tub, offers customers TPMS-compatible toss-in insert bags, ideal for fleets. The tub features non-disintegrable, perfectly round beads that do not require any special valve core while balancing.

6. Contact Us

We believe a "contact us" section is a core requirement for transparent and reliable business applications. Our developers ensured that the page is optimized within the mobile application, and users can easily locate business contact details for any queries.

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