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The Recorded Social Audio & Growth App

Mywave is a voice-focused social community that aims to bring back the intimacy of spoken communication. Available for both iOS and Android, Mywave allows users to record voice messages up to 5 minutes long, with crisp quality, and custom background music. Users can save these messages for personal use or share them within the community to increase profile engagement. Enjoy the new age of micro podcasting by hearing diverse experiences, perceptions, and truths from all over the world.



Launched in 2022:




1. Splash Screen

On launch, Mywave greets users with a simple yet powerful splash screen design while tuning the system for a seamless user experience

2. Home Feed

This is the user's central location for discovering, listening to, and sharing voice clips from a variety of mood-based categories.

3. Social Networking

Users can rile up their friends and family to join their network via text, social media sharing options, or through URLs.

4. Creator Profile

Mywave allows users to become a digital creators with a fully customizable profile that helps them land followers as they gain traction

5. Audio Recording

Users can reliably record messages either using freestyle mode and speak their hearts out or answer fun and interactive daily questions.

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