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Making price matching convenient.

The GTA's first price-matching grocery-based app is on steroids! Through an intelligent search engine, Replen saves users the hassle of surfing hundreds of websites to find the best prices. All items selected by the users in their cart are automatically price matched and sourced from discounted stores to drive the highest total savings. Users can enjoy shopping over 50,000 products from 15+ categories at their fingertips.



Launched in 2022:




1. Home Screen

Utilizing a splash screen display, the application offers an immersive experience in a simple grocery shopping ordeal.

2. Item Search

The faceted search feature allows users to hunt for products and refine search results once they have an initial listing. This refining involves an array of filters to narrow down product specifications.

3. Automatic Price Match

The price matching engine lists items from stores willing to offer the lowest price compared to competitors on the same item.

4. Check out Cart

The cart acts as the final step towards order confirmation, allowing users to add or negate items, view pricing, and proceed towards payment for checkout.

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