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Story Portal

Virtual Reality: Where reality ends and imagination begins

Story Portal is an AR-based, interactive storytelling game that integrates digital imageries into the real world. Users can enjoy multiple levels with custom difficulties while activating both front and rear-facing camera options. We believe the application of immersive reality experience can be extended to several other business fronts, offering them the opportunity to enhance customer buying experiences with AR.



Launched in 2022:




1. Home Screen

The home screen is a significant contributor towards the success of this game. It helps to enhance the First Time User Experience (FTUE) by offering them an introduction or a direct scene.

2. Vega Hotel

Irrespective of your environment, the game allows users to partake in an epic story such as the Vega hotel with an active crime scene.

3. The Hotel Lobby

As the story unfolds, players find themselves witnessing a detective hard at work to solve the murder mystery.

4. The Bar Scene

The bar scene extends the storyline with a comforting and smooth ambiance. Players can immerse themselves in the classic jazz music while the detective struggles to find clues.

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