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Communication brings us TOGETHER. And we just made it a whole lot SAFER.

TextBehind is the most efficient and realistic method for removing trafficking from inmate mail and lowering mailroom operating costs via automated processes and productivity improvements. The application is a digital communication platform developed for incarcerated individuals and their families. The application allows users to send text messages, images, doodles, text cards, and videos to incarcerated individuals across any correctional facility in the US.



Launched in 2022:


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1. Create Order

After a successful login, users can select the desired communication mode from a clean and interactive order menu interface.

2. Conversation Threads

The conversation threat follows a chronological order where users can keep tabs on messages from a specific contact. As newer replies roll in, the older messages are automatically pushed back into history.

3. Account Details

My Account presents an overview of the user’s account summary, profile details, added payment methods, and configuration of account settings.

4. Doodle Drawing Board

The in-built drawing Launchpad is a feature pandering to kids and adults. It allows users to draw and send custom doodles to their loves ones across the US.

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