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Watch Ya' Mouth

The Original, Hilarious Mouth Guard Party Game

Watch Ya Mouth was developed for a mouth guard selling company. The concept of this game is it displays different phases to the user. And the user reads those phrases while wearing mouth guards. Other players try to guess what they are saying. The game is a must-have for your next party as it simply takes the mouthguard challenge to the next level. Experience and try over 2500 custom phrases submitted by a global community or even submit your own.



Launched in 2021:




1. Home Screen

Watch Ya Mouth is the ultimate party game that gives players a chance to repeat phrases while setting a fun and competitive environment.

2. Pack Selection

Players have to select a pack with a corresponding age limit to make the experience more fun and interactive. Players can also create their custom packs or mix phrase packs.

3. Teams Selection

The game can easily accommodate up to 4 teams with a virtually unlimited number of players in each team.

4. Round Time

Teams have a choice to select either a 30 or 60 second-round time, partitioning the game flow to assist smooth turns for each team.

5. Team Colors

Teams can also choose their team colors and names to ensure a fully customizable and humorous experience.

6. Game Play

The gameplay is simple. At the start of each round, players with mouth guards are shown phrases on their screens. Players have to repeat the given phrase in under 12 seconds, whereas the team has to guess

7. Results

The results are displayed in a tabular format, whereas the team with the correct guesses wins.

8. Rate Phrases

The game allows players to submit custom phrases to contribute to the global community and rate phrases submitted by other users.

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