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TAF reader app for pilots

"This app allows domestic pilots to know about the weather conditions before they set to flight. We made this iOS app able to find out the weather conditions on the desired pathway at the desired time span so that the pilot can have a safe trip. "


Concept Elements LLC

Launched in 2020:




1. Splash Screen

The Wx24 Pilot splash screen display is a promulgation of a visually pleasing and easy-to-read aviation weather experience awaiting users.


The Wx24 Pilot application compiles a variety of aviation weather forecasts and displays them in a clear visual style. The distinguishing feature is its revolutionary approach to displaying aviation weather, which allows pilots to examine complicated METARs and TAFs in just seconds.

3. Animated Radar

This ground-breaking Wx24 Pilot App relieves pilots of the time-consuming process of weather monitoring. It aggregates and displays weather forecasts in a real-time, color-coded radar, allowing pilots to stay up to date on changing weather patterns.

4. Air/Sigmets

The Air/Sigmets reading is also another great add-on in the application that allows both aviation students and ATPs to view weather patterns along their planned route.

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What our clients say?

I was very pleased with Aqeel's work. He understood the project, asked the right questions and produced working organized code. He communicated clearly and was up front about the progress. After using so many dishonest developers I was relieved to find Aqeel to be honest. And that is a trait that I pay attention to.
Paxton Calvanesse

Concept Elements LLC

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