Conovo Technologies is a bespoke software development company specializing in research-led, human-centered custom software development, progressive web apps (PWA's), and mobile applications.
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Our Core Principles for Remote Services

We have a range of experts across different domains, with a go-getter attitude to make sure all your professional IT support needs are met with consistency and punctuality. Hiring offshore resources will help you extend your in-house team while maintaining complete control over the development process. If you need developers to revamp existing systems or to develop something new, we handle it all.
Expert Developers
We don’t just provide remote developers for hire, they’re people with ingenuity, quality, and efficiency- who solve industry challenges on a regular basis.
International Quality Standards
From coding to basic documentation, all our developers strive to follow international standards by engraving quality in everything we do.
Time Zone Compatibility
All of our passionate developers are flexible in nature and are available to work according to your time zones and needs. This helps us guarantee seamless communication.
Project Governance and Management
Hire people who are adept at modern and high-end project management software such as Asana, Jira, Trello, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github, and Zoho.

Developers for Everything!

Models of Remote Hiring

For better or for worse, remote hiring options have exponentially transformed the hiring landscape by offering flexibility and lower costs. Our remote hiring models are designed to eliminate challenges faced by hiring managers worldwide. The existing era is proof of companies competing to hire the best IT talent they can get their hands on. We help your company stay jacked and nimble by offering a range of IT talents such as front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, DevOps and SQA Engineers, and UI/UX Designers. We're experts in building cost-effective yet highly productive remote teams
A Dedicated Team Model
If you’re looking for a team who can commit solely to your project, we’ve got you covered with our dedicated team model
Model of Agile Development
We help businesses hire an agile team that provides optimal flexibility, while you retain complete control over the project.
Hourly Payment Model
This model best supports clients with an undefined range of projects with continual development and maintenance.

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