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Web Development

Website applications built to last

Our experts make sure your business is always a notch above others with high-performing, scalable, portable, and interactive website applications.

Web Development

Conovo brings in bespoke web-development services to help startups and SME’s solve complex challenges across diverse industries such as Fashion, Healthcare, Finance, and E-commerce. Our website design process follows a self-developed user-centric approach to provide industry-first and innovative solutions for our clients. We accurately scale your business environment to deliver highly responsive and engaging design solutions that make your customers want more, every time. As your full-service partners, we offer tailored enterprise solutions, custom web design/development, and E-commerce solutions.

Enterprise Solutions

At Conovo, we acknowledge different challenges faced by different enterprises and our experts help you land on a solution that is perfect for your business requirements. We help enterprises achieve maximum benefits through designing interoperability software including Customer Relationship Management applications (CRMs), Content Management Systems (CMS), and Software Configuration management. Conovo supports your business infrastructure by developing robust software architecture for improving key operations and propel your digital transformation.

  • 1 Legacy Application Migration

    Connect with Conovo to upgrade all your enterprise software requirements with the latest releases to reap low maintenance and reconfiguration costs. We only deploy our best resources to proactively migrate legacy applications and develop user-friendly software for your everyday business needs.

  • 2 Enterprise Mobility

    Our enterprise solutions focus on providing centralized accessibility which helps to improve workforce productivity and handle thousands of user requests in multiplicity.

  • 3 Business Intelligence

    We host data-enthusiasts and their skillset involves deriving meaningful insights from heterogeneous sources of data. We will stick by you for an end-to-end consultation service from project initialization to project finalization and enhance your operational capacity.

Custom Web Solutions

Our custom web solutions can help your business by factoring in your brand's presets and existing bottlenecks to create an innovative solution. A custom web solution involves industry-centered web development which helps you match customer needs. We also provide a highly consistent user experience across all types of mobile, web, and other digital platforms. Let's leverage our broad capabilities and take your business to the next level.

Why custom development matter?

The contemporary Internet is teeming with industry and corporate websites. About every company has an online presence and is highly competitive in the industry. For survival, your business needs to be unique and creative from the competitors.

Here’s how Conovo helps you achieve uniqueness:

  • Our team recognizes the needs of our clients; regardless of the nature of the company, we have Custom Software Solutions that are commonly acknowledged in online markets.

  • Even if you desire to create a new website application or want to enhance and modify your existing websites, Conovo can do it all for you with seamless, cost-friendly, and stunning designs.

  • With decades of work expertise in software design and implementation, we have acquired the necessary skills to produce online solutions that boast creative advertising campaigns and respectable presentations.

E-Commerce Solutions

Conovo’s objective is to surpass existing e-commerce norms by developing epic online experiences that allow our clients to unlock prospects in even the most saturated markets. Having a strong and engaging e-commerce web design is the core of achieving high customer conversion rates. Our E-commerce web design experts use advanced technology engineering to achieve your business goals and sales targets. We're well-versed in a range of platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magneto. With years of client experience, our ecommerce agency has the right strategy, expertise, and design route for your ideas in confluence with a strong ROI.

  • 1

    At Conovo, our main focus is to develop customized E-commerce web development solutions, by prioritizing designs, layout, and technologies to boost sales.

  • 2

    We convert ideas into digital stores, designed after acquiring appropriate information from the customer and the relevant industry.

  • 3

    To make shopping easier for consumers, we carefully create and design perfect checkout experiences by removing endogenous barriers in the ordering process and providing targeted search product details.

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