About us

We Breathe Life Into Your Ideas

We believe in creating strategies that last, flourish, and adapt to the ever-changing user requirements. Our experts ensure that you vouch for a creation that speaks for itself in terms of quality, accessibility, and value.

Our core priority is to build products which can be mastered by experts and common audiences equally. This multi-perspective approach can be found in every single thing we deliver, from the document to the development.

Conovo prioritizes our clientele’s interests, even past the crucial stages of development. We understand what it means to be a near-infallible, durable and responsive support team.


About Conovo

Accompanying our impressive IT capabilities, our progressive and fundamental values enable us to leave an impressive digital footprint across the world. These values shape our organizational culture, actions, and decisions every day.

Our Vision

To become a leading and transformative software development enterprise, dedicated to solving digital challenges with pioneering and state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance business growth with highly curated solutions that have market-defining abilities and create value for all our clients around the world. We strive to develop employees and products that reflect innovation and problem-solving.

Our History

Conovo Technologies was founded in 2014 by two friends and University classmates, both having a stout passion for computing technologies. Today, the Company is on a trajectory to become a one-stop for innovative and intuitive software development solutions.

Our Process


We believe in thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the concepts, goals and intentions behind each idea you bring. An in-depth research phase helps us eliminate any room for misunderstandings.


The base structure of your model is then prepared with only the most robust technologies, techniques and execution procedures in the picture. Call it picture-perfect planning!


We need your absolute dedication to help us bring your vision to life. From the niftiest details to the bird’s eye view, you’ll be aware of everything your project goes through.


With your trust and confidence, we can start doing what we’re best at; Flawless designing! Our experts pour their unbridled creativity and skills to give you the product you deserve!


We believe in providing excellent results which go a long way and a long-term commitment to enhancing your product with modern technology and optimization!

Our Clients