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Sparvis is a customer facing kiosk app for people visiting casinos. They can login and participate in games and tournaments using the app. The application has numerous features like weekly and monthly leader boards, reward systems, new promotions, and live game data from different poker tournaments.


With a magnificently designed splash screen, Sparvis allows users to keep track of their in-app progress and status through an elaborate series of features including activity-oriented metrics and more.


The compelling user dashboard of Sparvis heightens and puts your competitive spirit to good use with an informed variety of available tournaments, scores, and matches that lead straight to the top of the scoreboard.


Apart from exploring our extensive list of players, the users can also compete and play with a variety of contacts from their own connections. Moreover, it puts you in complete charge of your games and relevant settings.


The theme of simplicity and effectiveness extends into the user navigation sidebar allowing the user to utilize the most interactive and insightful features of the app.


Bringing you a navigable and technically sound interface together through the user profile feature. Easily access the customizable features of your account, advanced progress updates and more with this section.

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