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Comfort Dental

Get comfortable with comfort.

Comfort Dental is an established Dental Clinic with top of the line Dentist working in Michigan and servicing thousands of patients on a monthly basis. The Clinic teamed with Conovo Technologies to create a responsive website application to increase their practice visibility. Through our web-based solution, the organization is gaining access to a much larger audience that includes people within their location and beyond. We’ve helped the company dominate their industry by improving connectivity with customers through user-friendly designs and easy navigation features.



Launched in 2018:




1. Home Page

Considering there are thousands of dental websites out there, we made sure our website was something more than just a pretty face. Using several best practices like simplicity, visual hierarchy, navigability, and responsiveness, we’ve optimized the user experience from the very start.

2. Seamless Navigation

The main navigation features only the most important links to make sure the users are not overwhelmed by a wave of information. The hamburger menu also helps mobile users easily locate the hidden navigation, even if they don’t use mobile websites frequently.

3. Featured Products

The feature page is also an important addition to the website as it helps the business showcase HQ images related to different communities that they help.

4. Business Information

Designed with simplicity, this section allows the company to present its business offerings, vision, and mission statements.

5. Media Page

A media page always acts as a huge asset, especially if someone decides to write about the business in the future. The section acts as a central hub of information, allowing content creators to secure information easily.

6. Service Page

The service page draws customers in and piques their attention with a few graphic features such as loading percentages and symbols. The design entices viewers to continue scrolling. It's also basic enough that consumers won't feel overloaded.

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