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Compendium of Cards

Epic Cards Game

Experience unimaginable strategic depths of "Compendium of Cards", a high-paced turn-based fantasy epic that reveals the story of "The Three Nations of Sabaton" in a compelling and addictive merger of storyline and gameplay.



Launched in 2020:




1. Card Inventory

Build your own deck of aces with an amazing range of creatures to fill up your card inventory. The fantasy-based layout and rich tones of the inventory further add to the appeal of the game.

2. Fusion

You will be able to fuse your cards and characters using a wide variety of upgrading items. The fusion feature caters to the digitally powered factors of development by enabling the player to not just build but also enhance their collection.

3. Game Types

Containing 3 major gaming modes such as Mission, Arena Battles, and Quick Battles, the interface has an engaging list of rewards that are unlocked through dedicated player performance.

4. Card Upgrade

Collect, upgrade, and enjoy the latest strengths of your cards by exchanging your points and leveling them up to the max.

5. Card Details

Explore and categorize your deck through a brief excerpt on each card’s origin and use.

6. Convenient Navigation

Locate every section easily through the accessible internal navigation and compete against global opponents using your powerful cards.

7. Deck Selection

Choose and curate your deck to dazzle the opponents and conquer the game with your impressive cards.

8. War Phase

Compete in an exciting and heated battle against the opponents with this stunningly designed war phase screen.

9. Game Status

Attack, overthrow, and climb over the list of competitors while having fun as you expertly play offense and defense.

10. Final Results

Pour the power of your deck into the game and enjoy a fun match with online competitors all over the world.

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