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Drive Weather

See weather along your route.

The Drive Weather App illustrates the National Weather Service’s forecast showing motorists weather along their route at the expected time they will be at each point on their trip. Drive Weather shows motorists road trip weather, compares weather on different routes, allows drivers to add stops and interactively change departure time to find the safest time to travel.


Concept Elements LLC

Launched in 2020:




1. Splash Screen

We’ve integrated a subtle animation with a compelling design that helps us take advantage of the captive audience and push the product through a splash screen display. It helps to keep users informed and eventually reduces application desertion.

2. Route Planning

Drive weather empowers users to say "NO" to weather delays. The perfect addition for a road trip, route planning allows users to add waypoints, custom stops, and meticulously plan for a memorable adventure.

3. Time Slider

The interactive time slider allows users to toggle through different time zones to effectively understand critical weather changes. This feature allows users to visualize weather changes along their route.

4. Application Settings

Settings allow users to change the functionality and behavior of the application. These settings include basic account information and activity, user tutorials, subscription management, and customer support for easy access.

5. Activity Threshold

The activity threshold allows users to define custom weather conditions that matter to them and be prepared for anything. This value-added function ensures that we eliminate false alarms and unnecessary complexity, allowing us to tell our consumers that they will only get relevant information.

6. Route Comparison

Our application streamlines a user’s travel plans by allowing users to compare real-time weather conditions for different routes. Using set departure times, users can study weather patterns, wind speeds and directions, and temperature along the routes as well.

7. Icon Legend

The Icon List widget creates an easy-to-manage list of items, with each weather-related item highlighted by its own icon. This helps users easily distinguish different weather conditions with this one-of-a-kind weather assistant.

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