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Miller Green Works

A Store for all your gardening needs

We partnered with Miller Green Works, a landscaping company, stocking a wide variety of plant materials, landscaping suppliers, hand tools, firewood, and a diverse variety of seasonal items for beautifying property places. The company also extends services for dumpsters and handling landscape debris. We helped the company create a modern, dynamic, and official website to expand its business presence. The website was designed with mobile-optimized, high-quality content, allowing Miller Green Works to improve its digital footprint.



Launched in 2019:




1. Home Page

The goal revolved around incorporating an earthy set of tones with an equally relevant slideshow to create a niche-based homepage. The overall layout minimizes any signs of negative space with functions such as Search bar, Cart, and Dropdown menu occupying the area.

2. Company Products

A graphically advanced visual representation of company products allows the visitors to envision their usage and facilities in a convenient and credible manner.

3. Company Products

Navigation is made easier through a convenient trio of prices, action buttons, and product quantity connected in an orderly arrangement to keep the audience engaged.

4. Featured Products

For visitors unsure of the purchase they need to make, this section offers a trending, best-selling, reviewed, and popular set of items that help them save time and effort.

5. Side Menu Navigation

The side menu expands to reveal a resourceful variety of links that act as a nifty exploring guide for the visitors

6. Shop Cart Feature

A hint of faded sage green adds a splash of color in this sidebar that helps the users track their intended purchases with an advanced cart feature.

7. Keyword Search

The keyword research feature enables both the curious and revisiting audiences to find their ideal product by inserting accurate keywords.

8. Footer

A brief directory of quick links adds to the accessibility and navigability of the website. They appear to be balancing the exuberant charm of the layout with a muted set of details in the footer. An intriguing design is achieved that is abundant in information and restrained in pigmentation.

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