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Weather impacts every aspect of our daily lives, from deciding on what to wear to commuting- it controls our decisions. Our client, fed up with conventional weather applications, wanted to create a solution with flawless presentation, features, and weather details for the end-users. Conovo effectively developed Atmosphere Weather, convenient and easy-to-use weather forecasting mobile application developed natively for both Android and iOS.

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A user’s experience begins at the moment they open an application. Atmosphere Weather welcomes its users with a splash screen design that helps to create a strong, meaningful, and aesthetic appeal to the system.


Users can view 24-hour weather forecasts on an animated radar that enables easier weather interpretation and route planning. The radar also uses distinct coloration to pinpoint sky colors instead of conventional icons.

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This panel is well-organized, predictable, and provides a manageable number of options. The panel includes General settings, Tutorials, and Extras the help to reduce customer-support costs and boost engagement by allowing users to customize on-demand.


The weather map helps users view summarized information in a geographic frame of reference. This greatly contributes to the route planning process, as users can observe alternating weather patterns in real-time.

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This is the handiest feature of the application in the form of quick settings, a floating UI, allowing users to set custom colors for different events. Users can also increase their weather radar range through a slider and choose temperature readings.

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