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Klangkuppler is a digital music school working to innovate and improve connectivity between teachers and students. The website application offers the advantages of an app, which can be paired with didactically valuable, personal lessons by a trained instrument teacher who is selected by the student or the parent himself. The website offers two dedicated portals for both music learners (students) and music teachers, through a highly customized and responsive design layout.


The theme and focus on this home screen resonate with the application’s idea. The home features a smart UX that strives for convenience using minimalistic standards. You could say the app is melodious from end-to-end.


Students can connect with experienced music teachers in their area and set their own custom timetable for the week. This helps to streamline music lessons and lets students keep track of their learning activities.


Klang Kuppler allows seamless connectivity with custom contact lists that allow users to communicate and interact with their instructors and friends.


Users have the option of instantly generating feedback after each lesson, which helps to continually improve the learning and teaching process.


The invoicing tab allows both students and teachers to view system-generated reports incorporating monthly bills as fixed on the contract between teachers and students.

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